Hopkinsville Engagement Photography | Kayla + Alex

Kayla and Alex are so perfect together. Sometimes you meet couples and wonder what drew them together, but not these two! It’s prettyVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Senior Photography | Caleb

Caleb is seriously such a cool, talented guy, and we are so glad that he incorporated his style and talents into his senior session! AllVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Senior Photography | Jordan

Jordan is a cool, easy going country boy, who knows how to act in front of a camera! We really enjoyed taking his senior pictures becauseVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Senior Photography | Abigayle

We were excited to work with Abigayle from the moment she walked through our front door! She and her mom came in to get her hair and makeupVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Senior Photography | Matt

We had a great time on Matt’s senior session! We even told him at the end of the shoot that his images are some of our absoluteVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Commercial Photography | CrossFit Serenity

We are so honored that we had the chance to photograph this amazing group of people! We’ve wanted to take athletic photographs for aVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Engagement Photography | Meagan and Reid

We met Meagan and Reid at Starbucks to talk about their session and get some coffee before heading off to take pictures, and we immediatelyVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Senior Photography | Cali

Cali was only about a week away from graduation, but she was really determined to take some beautiful, springtime senior pictures after herVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Newborn Photography | Gracie

We were so excited when Gracie’s parents asked us to take her newborn images! There is just something so amazing about taking a new,VIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Family Photography | Cayce

It was the day before Easter, so everyone was in an excited, springtime mood! The trees were blooming in beautiful shades of pink, purpleVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Engagement Photography | Alyssa & Jay

Where to start with this engagement session!! It’s so difficult to know, because firstly, We’ve known Alyssa for a very longVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Family Photography | Ausenbaugh

We were so excited when Mrs. Ausenbaugh contacted us about photographing her family reunion! Since it was almost Easter, she was reunitingVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Wedding Photography | Holley & Jonathan

It may have been a rainy, cloudy, cold March morning, but Jonathan and Holley were both so excited and carefree when we saw them them forVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Bridal Photography | Holley

We had such a great time with Holley and Jonathan on their engagement session, and were completely looking forward to her bridal session!VIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Children Photography | Ryelynn

Sweet little Ryelynn and her parents are very new to the Hopkinsville area, and were quite sad to leave their old photographer behind! ButVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Senior Photography | Nicole

Nicole was so much fun to work with! Her bubbly, energetic personality was contagious and made for a very fun day for us and her bestVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Senior Photography | Grace

We had so much fun getting to hang out with Grace on her senior session! This session was actually a double session with her best friendVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Wedding Photography | Taylor and Cara

Wedding days are always beautiful and special, especially to the bride and groom, but when the entire wedding party, guests, andVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Family Photography | Waldron Family

We loved being able to photograph the Waldron family! They hadn’t gotten the whole family together for family portraits in close toVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Wedding Photography | Brittany and Shane

We have been really anticipating Brittany and Shane’s wedding day ever since their amazingly fun and unique engagement session a yearVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Senior Photography | Shelby

We’ve known Shelby for quite a while now, and we were very honored when we heard that she had her heart set on us taking her seniorVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Family Photography | Lepine

The Lepine family heard about us through a previous client, which we always love! Being referred is such a great compliment, and we are soVIEW POST »

Memphis Wedding Photography | Jessica & Josiah

We have been very close friends with Jessica and her family for years, and when they asked us to photograph Jessica and Josiah’sVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Wedding Photography | Maranda and Rus

When we saw the location where Maranda and Rus were to say “I Do”, we were left breathless! The venue they chose for theirVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Family Photography | Yertons

It was a beautiful fall day for the Yerton family pictures! The trees were such a gorgeous blend of colors and the sun was still giving offVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Family Photography | Bakers

Michael, Mary Elizabeth and George are some of the nicest people we’ve been able to photograph! They were so fun to work with. WeVIEW POST »

Clarksville Wedding Photography | Rebecca and Chad

We had so much fun on Rebecca and Chad’s wedding day! The fact that these two were so excited to marry one another was evidentVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Senior Photography | Jessica

Jessica is such a sweet girl! Her kind disposition made her a joy to work with. Not only is she sweet, but she has many different talents,VIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Engagement Photography | Brittany and Adam

Urban, more high fashion shoots have a special place in our hearts, and we felt that Brittany and Adam’s engagement session fit thatVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Engagement Photography | Holley and Jonathan

We LOVED this engagement shoot! Holley and Jonathan are so sweet. We have so much fun when our clients feel more like friends than clientsVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Wedding Photography | Emily and Dustan

All weddings are a joy to experience and be a part of, but sometimes we experience a wedding day that flows so well that we don’tVIEW POST »

Nashville Wedding Photography | Allison and Alex

As we mentioned in Allison’s bridal post, Riverwood mansion is a STUNNING venue! We were so thrilled that Allison and Alex decided toVIEW POST »

Nashville Bridal Photography | Allison Bridal

We were so thrilled to shoot this bridal session at the gorgeous Riverwood Mansion in Nashville. It is absolutely breathtaking, and was theVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Wedding Photography | Ali & Zack

We had been looking forward to Ali and Zack’s wedding day for quite a while! After hearing about all of the details they were puttingVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Engagement Photography | Cara and Taylor

Cara and Taylor are absolutely the sweetest couple. We’ve known Cara for quite a while, and already knew she was an incredibly kindVIEW POST »

Hopkinsville Wedding Photography | Brittney & Jordan

There wasn’t much about Brittney and Jordan’s wedding that wasn’t absolutely precious and perfect. The relationship thatVIEW POST »