Evansville Wedding Photography | Stephenie + Tracy

Stephenie and Tracy are two of the most laid back, relaxed individuals we’ve ever met! It was amazing how calm they were on a day that so many people tend to stress way too much about :) They were only hours away from saying “I do” when they had their first look together, and neither of them showed the slightest sign of nerves. There was only happiness as they stood out in the shade of a huge tree behind the church with their 4 children nearby. Stephenie’s adorable little boy, Toby, had been nearly more excited for this day to get here than she had been! He had tried on his suit almost every day in preparation for his role as groomsman. How precious is that?! This sweet group was so ready to officially become a family.

Since Tracy is the baseball coach at USI, so naturally the theme of the wedding was baseball! There were so many creative baseball elements to the day and we had a blast photographing them all! From the adorable decorations on Stephenie’s shoes, to the cracker jack favors at the reception, to the peanuts used in the centerpieces, it was just perfect! We also had to stop at the baseball field for a few quick shots as well on the way to the reception! This whole group was just too cool :)

Thank you all for including us in your unique and fun wedding day! We are so happy for your new, bigger family!

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