Hopkinsville Portrait Photography – Hannah

Our little sister is graduating from college! She has been working so hard for these past four years to get her social work bachelors degree, and in less than a month she will be walking across the stage and getting her diploma. We couldn’t be more proud!! And this is just the beginning, because she’s continuing on with her masters in the fall!

She is not only clearly gorgeous, but she is so hardworking and just a wonderful person. She is going to be the perfect person to help so many people, and she has such a passion for it. Everyone loves her (especially kids), and so she really couldn’t have picked a better profession. She is strong and independent but has the biggest heart, and we just love her to death :)

Plus, we couldn’t really ask for a better model. We had about 30 minutes to take some pictures before rain hit, so we quickly took these and somehow she looks pretty flawless. But she basically looks like this 24/7, so it wasn’t much of a surprise :)

Hannah, we love you and are so proud of you! You’re gonna change the world :D