Hopkinsville Senior Photography | Colton Johnson

Coltons senior session was so cold, but so awesome! As soon as we finished we were looking through our cameras oohing and aahing about so many of the shots! Some of the snow from the blizzard a few days earlier still lingered in some shadowy areas of town, and thankfully we were able to utilize them and create some really cool, wintry pictures. Of course none of the images would have been near as great without Colton’s awesome sense of style. From his effortless, laid back, flannel look to his dressed up jacket and tie outfits, he seemed to be able to rock just about anything. He made our job pretty easy! :)

In addition to his fashion sense, he’s also very smart and mature. Unlike a lot of seniors (ourselves included at the time!!), Colton knows exactly what he plans to do after he graduates! After finishing some school, he wants to join the Air Force, and then he wants to finish a psychology degree so he can help veterans who have PTSD. Wow! Such an awesome plan for his life! We’re so excited to see all of the amazing things this guy will do.

Colton, thanks for a great session and for braving the cold with us! We know you have so many great things ahead of you and we can’t wait to see them play out! :)

hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 01-001hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 03-002hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 05-003hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 08-004hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 10-005hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 12-006hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 13-007hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 15-008hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 17-009hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 18-010hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 20-011hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 21-012hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 22-013hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 23-014hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 24-015hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 27-016hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 28-017hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 30-018hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 32-019hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 33-020hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 34-021hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 35-022hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 39-023hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 41-025hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Colton Johnson Senior 42-024