Ezra Grey

Ok, so apparently we aren’t the best at blogging about our own life!! I guess actually living it kind of got in the way :D But better late than never! So finally, we wanted to tell you all a little more about our sweet little boy now that he is outside of mommy’s tummy!

Ezra Grey Hodge was born on October 30th 2015, at 9:12 in the morning. He weighed 9 lbs and 2 oz and was 21 inches long. He was breathtakingly beautiful to us from the first moment we saw him, and we’ve fallen in love more and more every day since then! We couldn’t ask for a sweeter son! These 3 months have gone by so fast, and we’re loving every day with him. He’s always laughing and smiling and starting to babble little conversations with us, which is pretty much the cutest thing ever. Who knew that a conversation without real words could tug at your heart strings so much. Watching him mumble unintelligible things and try to express whatever is going on in his little head makes you want to cry and laugh all at the same time. Watching this little life start to have his own personality is just too much to handle sometimes- in the most incredible way. Knowing that he didn’t exist a year ago, and now he is taking in the world around him and becoming his own unique person is one of the most beautiful things you can imagine.

People told us everything would be different. We’d be tired, stressed, our relationship with each other would change- and that’s all true. Before this all started we thought we couldn’t love each other any more than we do, but now that in some miraculous way God allowed us to bring a child into the world together, we love each other 100 times more. Even with the stressful, exhausted, hectic moments of not knowing what in the world to do, just knowing that we have each other and Ezra Grey to go through it with makes it all more than worth it. It makes those rare moments when the two of us are alone again even more precious, and yet also so wonderful that even while we’re enjoying those moments alone we just can’t wait to get back to Ezra and kiss his fat little cheeks. Yes, life is definitely different, and sometimes harder, but imagining life without Ezra now is completely impossible. Our family is what it was meant to be in this moment in our lives, and to us it couldn’t be more perfect.

hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography 001hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography 002hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography 003hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography 004hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography 006hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography 007
hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography 009hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography 010

Thanks so much to Pictured Moments By April for these next few beautiful portraits!!

hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Ezra Grey 08-002hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Ezra Grey 10-003hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Ezra Grey 35-001hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Ezra Grey 21-004hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Ezra Grey 22-005hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Ezra Grey 25-006hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Ezra Grey 27-007hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Ezra Grey 28-008hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Ezra Grey 30-009

hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Ezra One Month-020hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography 021hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography 022hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography 023hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography 024hopkinsville_family_photography_craig_hodge_photography 025