Hopkinsville Senior Photography | Brittney McWaters

Brittney is a senior at HCA this year and is currently in the digital media and yearbook class that Craig is teaching there, so we were excited that she wanted to have us take her senior portraits! She’s obviously interested in media and photography, and is even planning to major in graphic design in college! So that always makes sessions really fun for us when we know it is something they genuinely are excited about! When she came in to have her hair and makeup done, she was really nervous because this was definitely not like anything she had ever done before! But as soon as we starting shooting, we wondered why in the world she had been nervous at all! She was great in front of the camera and could rock a serious look or give a gorgeous, genuine smile! We were impressed and it made for a fun and easy session. It also didn’t hurt that her adorable little sister came along as well to make her laugh for the pictures ;)

Even though it was supposed to be a slightly rainy afternoon, it turned into a beautiful day for a session! The trees and colors were just stunning, and we even got some little hints of sunlight popping through! Then we headed downtown as well to finish up the session, and all of the different colored walls silhouetted her pretty red hair beautifully! Plus by this point she was a total natural in front of the camera, so some of these downtown shots are some of our favorites! We were especially excited to see how perfectly an awesome rustic blue door looked against her pink dress and hair! LOVE!

Brittney, you did such a great job on your session! Definitely don’t be nervous in front of the camera, because it loves you! :) We wish you all of the best during this exciting senior year and hope it is an absolute blast!

hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 01-001hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 07-003hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 09-004hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 10-005hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 13-006hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 15-007hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 17-008hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 19-009hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 20-010hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 22-011hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 24-012hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 27-013hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 28-014hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 30-015hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 31-016hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 33-017hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 35-018hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 36-019hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 37-020hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 39-021hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 40-022hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 41-023hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 42-024hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 45-025hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 48-026hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Brittney Mcwaters Senior - 53-027