Hopkinsville Newborn Photography | Brexton

This was such a special newborn session for us to photograph! First we had the opportunity two years ago to photograph Brexton’s sweet parent’s wedding day, and then we recently took their maternity portraits as well! So we’ve loved being able to see their lives change as they’ve gone from newlyweds, to expecting, to parents! Plus they’re just simply two of the sweetest people you could meet, so knowing that Brexton has been born into such a loving and wonderful home is a beautiful thing! We were just so excited to finally get to meet him and photograph him :) On top of all of that, he was a wonderful little model! I mean, how precious is he?! We especially loved his parent’s creativity with incorporating his dad’s job as a police officer into the shoot! Brexton’s little police officer hat was just the cutest thing and we know his dad was proud to see his son sporting it so well :P

Another thing that made this session so much fun for us is that we will have our own little baby boy in the next month or so, so it made the whole experience more real and exciting! We had a great time talking about the similarities with our pregnancies, and then hearing about all of the wonderful things that we will be able to experience as soon as our little Ezra is here! It’s also really nice to know that there are such precious little boys with wonderful parents to raise them that will be in our son’s life :) We love when our clients become our friends, and hopefully one day our children will be able to become friends too!

Brittney, Jordan and Brexton, we’re so happy for your sweet little family! You guys are all so clearly in love with each other, and we are so excited to watch little Brexton grow into a wonderful young man! How could he not with such great parents?! :)

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