Cadiz Senior Photography | Blake Edmonson

Blake is a senior this year at UHA, and his mom contacted us about taking his senior portraits! She told us a little bit about Blake and invited us to come to their home in Cadiz and to some of their favorite surrounding areas to take his portraits. So we were really excited to go to some of these locations that were unique and held a special place in Blake’s heart! We also got to hear about some of his talents and hobbies which they really wanted to include in his session, so we couldn’t wait to get started on this fun session :) We met them at their beautiful home, and after getting to rummage through his closet to help pick out his outfits (which we always have so much fun with :)), we began in their front yard which was surrounded by tons of trees with gorgeous light shining through them, and made for some great shots! Blake also wanted to incorporate his pride and joy- his truck! So we definitely made sure to include that as well :)

Afterwards, we headed to a second location nearby which held lots of fond memories for Blake! He would often come to this pretty little area to fish and hang out with his brother and grandfather, so of course his fishing pole had to be included! Blake is just such a sweet, easy going guy, so we love how the atmosphere of these pictures really seemed to capture his personality. It was great to just get to talk to him and hear about his life, because he’s such a smart and down to earth guy! He’s great at fishing and hunting, but is also an extremely talented tennis player for UHA, and just finished up a summer at the Governor’s Scholars Program! So needless to say he’s a very well rounded, and getting to hear about all his hobbies and talents throughout the day was exciting. It’s always great to know that we have such genuinely great people with such bright futures ahead of them! Blake is definitely one of them.

The session wouldn’t have been complete without taking a few portraits in his camo, so we made sure to do that before finishing up right as the sun was setting. We had a great time with this guy and his sweet mom, and drove away talking about how blessed we are to always get to work with such wonderful people! Blake, we’re so glad we were able to take your senior portraits! You clearly have tons of potential and we can’t wait to see where life takes you!

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