Clarksville Engagement Photography | Sam + Ash

Sam is Craig’s cousin, so needless to say we’ve known this beautiful girl for a very long time :) We were all friends years before the two of us even started dating, so we all go a long way back! So we were pretty darn excited for her when Ash got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife! Ash is from Australia, so they were there when he popped the question, and when we got that FaceTime call from Australia, we knew it could only be one thing :) Plus when we heard that he proposed on his grandparents’ anniversary and their wedding date was scheduled to be on her grandparents anniversary, the whole story got even more precious! These two are clearly so in love and we love seeing Sam with someone who makes her so incredibly happy! It’s so crazy to grow up with someone watch them grow into such a beautiful person and see their dreams coming true right before your eyes. It’s a pretty wonderful feeling :)

Sam and Ash knew that they wanted something unique for their engagement session, and so we were so pumped when they suggested using Dunbar cave in Clarksville as the session location! We love how special and different it made their images! Plus we just had a fun time exploring all over the park with them and using all of the different locations that it had to offer. It also didn’t hurt that these two looked so adorable in a cute black and white dress with red shoes and suspenders to match! We were in love :) It really was the perfect atmosphere to document their relationship.

Even thought we’ve already gotten to hear lots of wedding details, it was fun to hear about all of the new things they’ve been able to get figured out in preparation fro the big day! It is coming up soon in October, just about a week after our sweet little one should arrive! :) It’s going to be held at the beautiful Adsmore Mansion in Princeton KY, with a victorian theme and a beautiful deep purple as the primary color in the wedding color scheme! We’re also already drooling over their almond and coffee flavored wedding cake! It’s clearly going to be an amazing day. Sam has been dreaming of this day for a really long time, and we’re so happy to finally watch it all coming together.

Guys, we love you both so much! We’re so honored to be photographing this insanely special time in your lives, and we’re so glad that you’ve found one another :) We can’t wait to be there in October to watch you all finally say “I do”!!

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