Hopkinsville Senior Photography | Cole

Cole honestly made his session one of the easiest ever! Sometimes people have to get a little warmed up to the camera and get comfortable before we really start getting those great shots that we love, but right off the bat Cole did great! If we wanted him to laugh, he’d give us a big natural laugh, and if we asked for a serious face, he’d nail that right away too! It was awesome and made our job so easy! He was making everything go so fast that we got to go to more locations than we planned on because we’d only have to spend half the time at each place! It was great :)

We also got to hear a little about Cole along the way, and what types of things he is into! He loves sports- specifically basketball and baseball, and his 6’3″ height definitely helps out with that :) But he says that he thinks he might want to do something with numbers in his future because he’s really good with them! His mom is an engineer and his dad is an accountant, so we know where he gets that talent :) He’s not sure exactly what he wants to do, but maybe follow in their footsteps in some way! It’s always great to see seniors with so much potential who are going to give this world a great future :)

Cole, we had a great time working with you! Thanks for making our job so easy and being a great subject :) We wish you all of the best as you start this senior year and get ready to start a new chapter in your life!

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