Our Pregnancy!

As many of you all know, we’re expecting our first baby! We absolutely couldn’t be any more thrilled :) Since most of our clients end up becoming our friends and like to be kept up to date on big events in our life, we decided to do a few blog posts along our journey to document this pregnancy! Somehow (we’re not sure how… it’s gone by so quickly already!) we’re already more than half way into the pregnancy! A few weeks ago, we were finally able to find out that baby Hodge is a little BOY! We couldn’t be more ecstatic! We truly would have been so overjoyed with a boy or girl, but as soon as we knew he was a little boy, we couldn’t imagine anything else. He is so perfect just the way he is! Seeing his little body squirm around on the ultrasound, watching him yawn and stretch his arms out; it was awe-inspiring. What a precious little miracle growing in there! We just fell completely in love. Feeling his little kicks more and more each day is just the best feeling in the world :)

The doctors say that he is textbook healthy, and that is all that we could ask for! We just pray that he continues to be knit together so perfectly for the rest of these 9 months! We will definitely continue to blog some pregnancy updates as we get farther along, so be looking out for those! Thank you all for all of the congratulations! We can’t wait for baby Hodge to get here!

babyIt’s a boy!!!!_CH_2669The day we found out we were having a baby! About week 5 :)

Week 5aWeek 5c20 Weeks! This is the week we found out he is a he :) Such a great day!KSH_3571KSH_3581