Hopkinsville Engagement Photography |Lauren + Zack

Lauren went to school with Craig, and we’ve both known her for quite a while, and knowing that she’s just such a sweet girl, we were so excited to be their wedding/engagement photographers! Plus, being such a sweet person, we knew she would pick a sweet guy, and she definitely did! Zack seems to be her perfect match, and their adorable, simple love for one another is so evident and a joy to watch. While we were photographing them, Zack told us all about how he proposed (one of our favorite things to hear about from our couples :) and it was pretty precious. When they first met, they worked on a mission trip together, and one of the places that they visited frequently was a little chapel where he would sometimes preach and she would play music. So their relationship began to grow from there. Then a week after her last birthday, since  he hadn’t been able to spend it with her, he took her on a surprise date! She was very confused when on part of their trip he blindfolded her so that she wouldn’t know where they were driving! When he finally had her take the blindfold off, they were at that little chapel were so much of their relationship began, along with both of their families! It was there in that same place that he asked her to be his wife. How sweet is THAT?!

We had so much fun wandering around Lauren’s family’s farm for the engagement shoot! It was so beautiful and there were tons of wonderful locations to use! One of our favorites was this beautiful path with over arching trees and branches, and gorgeous light that Lauren specifically picked out to use! We’re so glad that she noticed it, because we’re just in love with the images! Thankfully she had explored the farm quite a few times, so she could drive us around to all of the most gorgeous places. We even got to include her beautiful horse Rainbow in a few of the images! Such a gorgeous horse :) Lastly, we headed downtown for a few urban images to juxtapose the rustic farm shots! A beautiful ending to their session :)

Lauren and Zack, you guys are such genuinely kind people, and we’re so excited that we have the chance to work with you guys! We can’t wait to photograph your wedding coming up so soon in August!! :)