Hopkinsville Senior Photography | Alyssa

Alyssa is seriously just the cutest thing. We had so much fun photographing her! She is just so bubbly and loves to laugh, which made her a joy to work with. Sometimes we have to really coax people into laughing for a shot, but it just came so naturally to Alyssa! Plus her mom was there for the whole session and they both brought out the laughter in each other, which was so sweet to watch. That wasn’t the only time mom was a big help! For one of the shots, we were having a hard time positioning some branches around Alyssa’s face, and she just jumped right in and made it work without us even asking! If we ever need another assistant, Alyssa’s mom would be great ;)

It was such a gorgeous day for Alyssa’s session, and we took advantage of the gorgeous spring greenery. We went to the library for some of the shots, and that made her really happy! She loves to read, and told us she could just sit in the library just looking at all of the books! Definitely a girl after Kelsey’s heart! It seemed that everything literary and romantic was her kind of thing. She not only jumped around enthusiastically at the thought of the library, but mentioned that she also loved the bridges and lampposts in the area too. Librarys, lampposts, and tons of laughter… that pretty much sums up the session, and it was awesome!

Alyssa, we had so much fun documenting this time in your senior year! We’re so excited for you to go to nursing school, and we can’t where to see where God takes you next! :)

hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 02-001hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 03-002hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 05-003hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 08-004hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 09-005hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 11-006hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 15-007LOVE this one!!hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 16-008hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 19-009hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 21-010Didn’t mom do a great job holding those branches?! :)
hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 22-011hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 24-012hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 27-013hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 30-014hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 31-015hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 33-016hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 34-017hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 35-018hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 36-019hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 37-020hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 39-021hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 40-022hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 43-023Those eyes! So gorgeous :)hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 44-024hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 45-025We are SO glad that she brought her prom dress along! How amazing does she look??hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 47-026hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 48-027hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 49-028hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 50-029hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 52-030hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 53-031hopkinsville_senior_photography_craig_hodge_photography-Alyssa Smith Senior 54-032