Hopkinsville Newborn Photography | Tucker

Little Tucker is truly a little miracle! His mom and dad have been married for almost 9 years, and have been wanting for more than half of that time to be blessed with a little one! Finally, Tucker was the answer to those prayers :) As soon as we laid eyes on him, we just couldn’t wait to photograph him! He is an absolute doll! He did such a great job throughout the session, despite being moved around a lot and having his cute outfits changed multiple times! He was such a trooper :)

We always tell parents coming in with for their newborn’s first photo shoot that we love it when they bring things that are meaningful to them! Blankets that are handmade, props that they especially like or are somehow connected to their family, and lots of cute outfits to choose from! Well, Tucker’s mom did a little bit of all of that! It was great :) She brought along blankets from his nursery and ones made by family members, cute props, outfits and pictures that were the theme of his nursery (little prince!!)! We loved being able to create images of Tucker that were not only special because they were his first portraits, but because they included things that will mean something to him when he’s old enough to realize it! :) We ended the session by taking a few shots of Tucker with a model “Tucker” car that was gifted to them by a family member who was born the year that the model was made! Such a sweet and special addition to the session.

Tucker, we loved being able to document some of your first moments. You’re obviously loved so deeply by your family and were truly prayed for and wished for! We’re so glad that you could be the answer to their prayers! We know you’ll grow into a wonderful young man, and we wish you and your family all the best!

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