Hopkinsville Family Photography – Westerfield

We’ve known the Westerfields for quite a while, and this is actually our second time photographing there sweet family! But this time they had an extra special reason for being photographed; a new member to their little group! “Big Belly” as they call it, was just days away from coming into the world when we took their family portraits! We now know her as sweet little Savannah Gray, but since they waited until she was born to know if she was going to be a boy or girl, they just called her Big Belly! Big brother and sister, Wilson and Molly, loved on Big Belly so much and were so sweet about giving her kisses and hugs. It’s obvious that this family has so much love for each other and little Savannah is lucky to be a part of it!

We were really excited to take their family portraits at Matt’s parents home! What a gorgeous place! A winding driveway through the woods, pretty barns and silos- just a really great place to photograph. It was also one of the last really cold mornings of the spring, so poor Molly and Wilson really had to tough it out! They did such a great job! We just ran and jumped all over the place together and as soon as we needed a shot they stopped and gave us the prettiest smiles :) We were so proud of them!

Well, Westerfield family, once again, we loved working with you guys. It’s obvious that you all are just truly good people and are so easy and fun to be around! We’re so excited that God has blessed you all with sweet miss Savannah, and we absolutely can’t wait to meet her! We love you guys!

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