Hopkinsville Senior Photography | Cali

Cali was only about a week away from graduation, but she was really determined to take some beautiful, springtime senior pictures after her senior prom so that she could also have some images made in her prom dress. And we are SO glad that she did! Cali is a huge fan of fashion, and even wants to go to school for and work in the fashion business, and you can tell by looking at her gorgeous prom dress! She looked more like she should be on a red carpet than going to her senior prom! Plus it didn’t hurt that we had the amazing opportunity to use an old abandoned ball room in downtown Hopkinsville to take some of these images! The combination of Cali, her amazing sense of style, and an old grungy piece of Hopkinsville history, made for some of our absolute favorite shots we’ve ever taken! We just kept looking at each other and the images being taken and thinking “Is this really our job?? This feels WAY too fun to be work!”.

Besides Cali being incredibly fashion forward and a fantastic model, she’s really just so much fun. Everyone who knows her can’t help but like being around her! She just keeps you laughing non stop. Despite having had to go through some tough times in her life, she always has a smile on her face and is so full of energy, positivity, and excitement. She’s already been an encouragement and example to our community, and we know that she’s going to bring so much ingenuity and joy to wherever her future takes her!

Cali, thanks so much for letting us take your senior images and giving us a chance to get to know you a little better! We hope you had as much fun as we did!


Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 05-001Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 09-002Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 13-003Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 15-004Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 16-005Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 19-006Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 20-007Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 22-008Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 24-009Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 25-010Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 26-011Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 34-012Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 42-013Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 43-014Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 45-015Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 47-016Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 51-018Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 52-019Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 55-020Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 57-021Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 58-022Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 61-023Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 63-024Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 64-025Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 68-026Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 70-027Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 73-028Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 75-029Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 76-030Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 79-031Hopkinsville_Senior_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Cali Newton Senior 82-032