Hopkinsville Bridal Photography | Holley

We had such a great time with Holley and Jonathan on their engagement session, and were completely looking forward to her bridal session! She was so much fun and kept us laughing through the whole engagement shoot, and plus she’s just so gorgeous, so we knew it wouldn’t be too tough to get some beautiful bridal images! Her dress was so pretty and classic, which was great paired with her cowboy boots :) It was so her, which is what we love! We also had some great, rustic, outdoorsy locations to use. It all perfectly accented her style! Towards the end of the session it started to sprinkle, but she braved the rain and didn’t let it bother her a bit! And I’m so glad that she did because the images at the end of the session are some of our favorites!

One precious moment that I was so glad we were able to capture was an unexpected one to both us and Holley! Holley’s mom had gotten a handkerchief made out of her own wedding dress fabric and gave it to Holley to use on her wedding day and keep as a gift. Such a sweet, heartfelt moment between two sweet people, which was so evident in the tears shed by both of them! It’s those little moments in the midst of all of the hectic preparations that make you remember exactly what this time is all about.

Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 02-001Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 04-002Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 06-003Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 08-004Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 10-005Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 14-006Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 19-007Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 23-008Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 27-009Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 29-010Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 32-011Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 37-012Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 39-013Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 40-014Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 44-015Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 47-016Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 50-017Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 55-018Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 58-019Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 63-020Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 64-021Hopkinsville_Bridal_Photography_Craig_Hodge_Photography-Holley Bridal 66-022