Hopkinsville Bridal Photography | Shannon

Shannon is such a genuinely sweet person! We just couldn’t help but have fun on this bridal session with her. Every part of the wedding experience made her so happy and it was clear that she couldn’t wait to become Matt’s wife! It’s always fun to take a bride’s portraits when they are seriously loving being a bride :) Shannon was just glowing all day and it made the whole session a breeze for all of us!

Besides just being excited to marry the man of her dreams, we LOVED how excited Shannon was about their photography! She was so kind and trusting to us as photographers, and was simply excited that we were documenting this incredible time in her life. We love when brides have creative ideas and suggest things that they want documented, but as photographers, its even more amazing when a bride just trusts your creativity and expertise and lets you do your thing! And that’s exactly how Shannon was :) It was a photographer’s dream!

Shannon, we loved being able to photograph you on this awesome bridal session, and had a blast! You and Matt are the sweetest, and we are so honored to be a part of this time in your lives!

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