Hopkinsville Commercial Photography | Tangy Roots

We had the great opportunity to do a fun and unique commercial shoot for a local frozen yogurt store, Tangy Roots! It was an absolute blast to just be creative and have fun working with lots of different people. We chose 8 different styles of frozen yogurt and found 8 different people that we styled to match the yogurt! Each person that we chose was fantastic, and put tons of energy and personality into their images. Every single one of them was great! A huge thank you to Callie, Blake, Ali, Luke, Margo, Suzanne, Kiyana, and Rayna!

Princess Peach – Callie

The name fits for this precious girl! She’s quite the princess, but so sweet and absolutely adorable! She couldn’t have been a more perfect little model with her big smile and pageant crown!


Big Blue Madness – Blake

This guy was so excited to be a part of the shoot! It didn’t hurt that it involved UK (his favorite team) blue frozen yogurt! But I think the blue hair was his favorite part :)


Chocoholic – Ali

Ali is the perfect all American girl, and the all American girl is obsessed with chocolate! We love Ali, and as also seen in her engagement photos that we took, she is a great model!


A Little Bit of Everything – Luke

This guy really is a little bit of everything :) He’s sweet, smart, sarcastic, multi talented, and just an all around cool guy. He’s Kelsey’s brother and my brother in law, so obviously we kinda like him ;P


Fruit Frenzy – Rayna

Rayna was perfect for this picture, because she is full of fun and energy! It wasn’t hard to choose her as the model for this picture, and since we already knew she was a very talented actor and singer, we knew she wouldn’t be shy about taking a fun filled picture!


Banana Split – Margo

Margo is awesome! From the moment we asked her to help out with this shoot, she was on top of it! She took all of our tips on clothing, and bought the brightest yellow shirt she could find, and the coolest red necklace :) We’re definitely thrilled with the result!


Classic Vanilla – Kiyana

Kiyana is fabulous! We’ve known Kiyana for a while, and she’s just a classically gorgeous girl! Add a fancy twirled hairstyle to match the swirled yogurt, and some classic makeup, and you’ve got a fabulously glamourous image! :)


Sweet & Salty – Suzanne

Last, but definitely not least is Suzanne! We knew we wanted a mature woman for this picture, who was sweet, but had definitely not lost her sass! Suzanne was the perfect model for this picture! As you can tell by her perfect expression, she nailed the sassy part!