Hopkinsville Engagement Photography | Will & Kelly

Wow! Where do I begin?!

Will contacted me because he was going to be proposing to his girlfriend Kelly, and he wanted to have a photographer there to document it. The catch? He didn’t want her to know. The other catch? He would be proposing under a tree in an open field. The solution? Stalk Will and Kelly all day as they travel around town, visiting some of the places where they had their first dates. Then, when they aren’t looking, sneak into the back of their truck unnoticed. Silently travel in the truck bed as they drive out across miles of farmland to the perfect proposal spot, and stealthily capture the most incredible moment in their lives while perched on top of their truck :D Best. Day. Ever!hopkinsville_engagement_photography_craig_hodge_photography-1 hopkinsville_engagement_photography_craig_hodge_photography-2 hopkinsville_engagement_photography_craig_hodge_photography-3 hopkinsville_engagement_photography_craig_hodge_photography-4 hopkinsville_engagement_photography_craig_hodge_photography-5 hopkinsville_engagement_photography_craig_hodge_photography-6 hopkinsville_engagement_photography_craig_hodge_photography-7 hopkinsville_engagement_photography_craig_hodge_photography-8 hopkinsville_engagement_photography_craig_hodge_photography-9 hopkinsville_engagement_photography_craig_hodge_photography-10 hopkinsville_engagement_photography_craig_hodge_photography-11 hopkinsville_engagement_photography_craig_hodge_photography-12 hopkinsville_engagement_photography_craig_hodge_photography-13 hopkinsville_engagement_photography_craig_hodge_photography-14